Athanasios Katevatis

Associate, PhD Candidate, Department of Economics, UOA

Athanasios Katevatis is a financial analyst at a large energy group, while in the past he was in charge of the analysis department at a brokerage firm. He is a graduate of the Department of Economics of the EKPA and holds the master’s degree in Applied Economics and Finance of the EKPA.  He holds all the Certifications of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Development of Analyses on Financial Instruments or Issuers, Client Portfolio Management, Investment Advice on Securities and Derivatives), as well as the Securities and Derivatives Negotiator (MFF) from the Athens Stock Exchange. Έχει συγγράψει άρθρα σε οικονομικές εφημερίδες και περιοδικά, καθώς και στα επιστημονικά περιοδικά Applied Economics Letters (Maturity effect on stock index futures in an emerging market) και International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management (ECB’s unconventional policies and the European bank returns). He specializes in stock valuation, bond, derivatives and energy projects, and in 2014 the department won the second best asset & wealth management award from the investment and financial journal MONEY.  He has participated in several conferences and has served as a special speaker in the Money and Capital Markets courses of the Department of Economics of the EKPA, as well as in the postgraduate programs of the same department.



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