Kalfaoglou Phaedon

Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, UOA

Phaedon Kalfaoglou is an economist at the Bank of Greece with a multi-year term in the Directorate of Credit System Supervision and the Directorate of Economic Analysis and Studies. He is also a professor at the Hellenic Open University in the postgraduate program of Banking. He was an executive of the National Statistical Office of Greece as well as the Ionian Bank. He studied economics first at the University of Athens and then at the University of Kent from where he obtained a master’s degree in Economics and Econometry. He returned to the School of Economics of the University of Athens and completed his PhD on the Financial Transparency of the Greek Banking System. His articles on issues such as bank risks, supervision and capital adequacy of banks have been published in various journals such as Major, Bulletin of the Association of Greek Banks, Inspection of Economic Sciences, Bank of Greece Economic Bulletin, etc. Research interests focus on banking, risk management and banking regulatory framework.


Contact: fkalfaoglou@econ.uoa.gr

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