Lambrini Piha


Mrs . Lambrini Piha is Doctor of the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Athens University of Economics (OPA). She received her first degree from the same department (Marketing and Communication) in 2004, where she first. She continued her studies at the same university, receiving her master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) in 2006, where she also graduated.She has received numerous awards and scholarships for her outstanding performance during her studies, including a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation. Her research work has been successfully published in recognized international marketing conferences and scientific journals such as the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Marketing Management and the Journal of Product and Brand Management. In addition to her academic activity, she is constantly active in the field of business, undertaking the coordination and management of numeros of research and consulting projects on behalf of private companies and public organizations. To date, she has worked as a Scientific Associate and Lecturer of the Postgraduate Programs of the Department of Economics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,  as a teacher of the Postgraduate Marketing Programs of the Athens University of Economics, as a sep member of the Hellenic Open University, as well as as a lecturer in the online marketing programs of the University of Piraeus.


Recent Publications

  • Giannopoulos, A., Piha, L. and Skourtis, G. (2020). Destination branding and co-creation: a service ecosystem perspective. Journal of Product and Brand Management, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 148-166
  • Papadas, K-K., Avlonitis, G., Carrigan, M. and Piha, L. (2019). The interplay of strategic and internal green marketing orientation on competitive advantage. Journal of Business Research, vol. 104, pp. 632-643
  • Piha, L. and Avlonitis, G. (2018). Internal brand orientation: conceptualisation, scale development and validation. Journal of Marketing Management, vol. 34, no. 3-4, pp. 370-394
  • Alevizopoulos, A., Zosimas D., Piha, L., Hanna, M., and Charitopoulos, K. (2016). Μanaging small ureteral stones conservatively: a retrospective study on follow up and cost effectiveness of medical expulsive treatment vs early surgery. Current Urology, vol. 9, no.1, pp. 36–43
  • Piha, L. and Avlonitis, G. (2015). Customer Defection in Retail Banking: attitudinal and behavioral consequences of failed service quality. Journal of Service Theory and Practice, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 304 – 326
  • Piha, L., Papadas, K. and Davvetas, V. (2021). “Brand orientation: conceptual extension, scale development and validation”. Second review round (minor revision). Journal of Business Research.


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